Premier Play in 2014

Hi all,

The GP Schedule for 2014 has been released in its entirety and I would like to share some of the information we received with you all:

GP 2014 in Europe

January 10-12 Prague Czech Republic Modern
February 14-16 Paris France Legacy
February 28-March 2 Barcelona Spain Theros/Born of the Gods Team Sealed
March 21-23 Vienna Austria Theros/Born of the Gods Sealed/Draft
May 9-11 Warsaw Poland Theros Block Sealed/Draft
May 30-June 1 Manchester England Theros Block Constructed
June 13-15 Moscow Russian Federation Standard
June 27-29 Utrecht Netherlands Theros Block Sealed/Draft
August 8-10 Milan Italy Standard
October 24-26 Stockholm Sweden Standard
November 14-16 Madrid Spain Modern
November 28-30 Strasbourg France “Huey” Sealed/Draft

Organizational Changes

There are also some organizational changes that needs to be known if you want to go to a GP in 2014:

  • No Saturday registration: You will still be able to register online or on Friday but registering on Saturday will not be possible anymore…
  • No GPT for Team GPs: There will be no byes for any Team GPs and thus , there will also be no possibility to sanction any Grand Prix Trials for Barcelona
  • GP Team D2: 5 rounds of Sealed deck, followed by 1 round of Team Booster Draft for Top4 and 1 round of another Team Booster Draft for Top2.
  • GP Foil is Batterskull
  • More Prize payout:
    • Grand Prix with fewer than 1,200 participants: $35’000 down to 64th place.
    • Grand Prix with 1,200–2,399 participants: $44,000 down to 100th place.
    • Grand Prix with 2,400 or more players: $54,000 down to 150 players.

Grand Prix Trials

This is more a “late 2013” news than something particular for 2014 but it does need honorary mention:

  • The winner of a Grand Prix Trial will receive 2 (two) byes for the Grand Prix.
  • The format of the Grand Prix Trial does not have to be in the format the Grand Prix will be played in
  • The possible formats for a GPT include Sealed Deck, Standard, Extended, Modern, or Block Constructed. Legacy can also be selected, but only for Legacy GPs.
  • Sealed Deck GPT have to be played using the latest Set. The top 8 for the event will be Booster Draft or Sealed Deck (at the discretion of the store running that Grand Prix Trial)
  • Deck lists and a certified Judge (L1) are required (REL – Competitive)
  • Planeswalker Points Multiplier – 3x
  • The store owner, organizer, judge(s), and/or scorekeeper(s) of a Grand Prix Trial are not permitted to play in the tournament.