Let’s cast foresee

Foresee card Foresee is one of my favorite card from Future Sight. It was not only a good card in limited, but also it is a flavorful one: the word game between “foresee” (see the future) and four see (scry 4) is as good as the art. So let’s tap four mana and see what is coming in next few months in the Magic The Gathering universe.

Theros, Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx

Theros will be released the 27th of September and is the first set of the new block which will take place in an ancient Greek mythological plane. So be prepared to meet Minotaurs, Krakens, Hydras but also Heroes and Gods. The set will also be enchantment heavy and we already know they are going to be related to Gods. Elspeth and two new planeswalkers will also be in this set.

Players will be able to be part of an adventure in 3 acts. The first one will happen at the pre-release (September 21-22) where you will collect your Hero card and decide the path you want to take.

The second act will take place during the Launch (September 27-29), where you will have to solve a puzzle to gain another Hero.

The final act is a special challenge during the Game Day. In addition to the usual tournament, you will be able to fight the Hydra challenge deck with your standard deck which promises to be a fun new experience.

The same scenario with a different challenge awaits players for the pre-release, launch and game day of the two other sets of Theros block.

For the more competitive players, the Born of the Gods Pro Tour Qualifier season runs from 17th of August to 1st of December and is in Sealed deck (draft for the Top 8). The Swiss PTQ will take place in Bern the 6th October (a SwissMTG event will be created soon to preregister).

Commander 2013

On the 1st of November, Wizards will launch five new commander decks containing 51 new cards (Vintage and Legacy legal).

From The Vault : Twenty

On the 23rd of August, a new mythic foil set will be “available”. Alike other From The Vault package, it is limited and uses a specific foil print process. Unlike the others, this one contains 20 cards (instead of 15). To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Magic The Gathering, Wizards has decided to print cards that have seen play in tournament winning decks and that are meaningful to the game.

Here are some of the cards spoiled so far:

You are not hallucinating, this is Jace, The Mind Sculptor, foil !

The Extended format

Well it is the end of an Era, Wizards announced they are retiring the Extended format. Modern has risen as a very popular format, dynamic and healthy and is now adopted by a lot of players. The Extended has never recovered from its card pool reduction, making it a kind of super standard. The format officially disappears on 7th of August.

That’s all for the scry 4, you can now put any of those four news on the top or the bottom of your library in any order and discuss them in the forum.