No english Cards at Prereleases

Big news, or maybe small news, good news for a lot of people but bad news for others, I´m sure!

Up until now the tournament organizer was able to provide players with English cards during the Prerelease Events. The FNM as well as Game Day foils were also handed out in English… For the TOs, it made sense since English cards were preferred by tournament players and not everyone participating at such tournaments knew the local language.

Starting next year, this is all going to change and each tournament organizer will have to chose between German, French or Italian cards.

Here is the Official answer as to why this change is taking place:

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our retail partners and to support the Wizards Play Network in Switzerland.

We are constantly in touch with our customers and the player base to improve the experience of playing Magic the Gathering and the Retail Support we are offering. Based on this progress and on the outcome of the work of our Community Coordinator and the customer service – this is the direct link to the player base and the new players – we are trying to offer all players the possibility to play MTG in their own language.
From experience of other European markets it has proved to be the best way of creating a new and healthy player base which will end up in a constantly growing community.

Switzerland has even more support from Wizards of the Coast than other countries while we are aware of the special situation that there are three different national languages. We have decided to give you the opportunity to choose which language you want to take – French, German, Italian – to give your players the best possible experience and to make it easier to bring more new players to the game.

Feedback from the other countries and from the player base shows that this is a successful way to build up a Magic The Gathering community in your stores and to make it constantly growing by bringing in new players.


So if you would like to make your opinion known to Wizards of the Coast, then please send an email to (or for the French or for the Italian office) and tell them what you think. it might be because you disagree with it, it might be because you like it and would like to know the details or to ask for more information about the situation in other countries… I am sure they will appreciate any and all feedback send their way.

This change is not something they decided on the spur of the moment and is a policy implemented over all Europe, not just Switzerland.

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