About us

This web community started from a local group of regular players in Bern and therefore it is no surprise that the first registered members still live and play in this area. We then decided to slowly expand and create a Swiss-wide forum, open to all people interested and have attracted players and tournament organizers from other areas.

Our goal is to get as many players as possible to share their experience in the game we all love. We are by no means experts in the game. We will post information regarding competitive and fun tournaments that you might be interested in here.

We are trying to get as many players, tournament organizers and judges on this page to be able to allow you to communicate with each other. If you know of a community who would like to participate, please tell them about us. If you know a TO who would like to post his information but don’t know where, tell him to contact us.

Responsible for the site are two official Magic the Gathering Judges: Jeremie Granat and Joel Krebs. Both live in Bern and judge at tournaments all around the world. You can find us at most PTQs or FNM in Bern or just send us an email if you have any question! You can contact us on the Forums or via email at info@swissmtg.ch.