Zischti Abe Magic Legacy

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19:15 - 22:45



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Zischti Abe Mägic
Phone: N/A

Event of the eight Zischti Abe Magic League.

With the start of this season we allow up to 10 proxies per player.  A proxy is either a off-color basic land with the proxed cards name, cost and power/toughness or you can also create a colored printout of the card and put it together with another card inside a sleeve.

As a result these events will no longer be sanctioned but we want to grow the legacy community in Bern.

We will be playing at the Zwergenschmiede.

The starting time for the Events will be 1915 and we will start on time so please be there before!

We are looking forward to meet you!


Bookings are closed for this event.