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  1. Just to make this here complete: Although we had our shaking moments, we were able to move all the content to our new servers and the board is up and running again. If you encounter any troubles please let us know.

  2. If anyone is interested in writing tournament reports or other stuff on this site, please contact me! The posts’ language is English preferred but I don’t really mind if some are in French or German as well 🙂

  3. Hello, isn’t possible to know what’s the rating of players at 15 points? And how many points the players in top8 have done to enter in it? I’ve lost the last game to do 5-2, and before the last round i had 62% rating, and i was the 2nd in rating in the standing. So I can know if I would win last game maybe I could do top8 🙂 thanks

  4. Sure can do! I also added the 8th so you can see the difference…


  5. Hallo ich überlege mir ob ich evt. diesen freitag mal an enem draft mitmachen soll. Ich haber drafttechnisch noch keine Erfahrung und habe gesehen das es einen Backdraft ist. Wass das aber bedeutet verstehe ich nicht. Werden die Karten dem Boosterbesitzer zurückgegeben oder werden sie alle einfach abgegeben?
    Giebt es auch möglichkeiten andere formate zu spielen oder werden an diesem Freitag nur die beiden turniere gespielt?

    Freundliche grüsse tobi

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