alea iacta est legacy – GP Trial Strasbourgh

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10:30 - 18:00



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Tournament Organizer

Joel Krebs
Phone: +41 79 426 66 28

We are very pleased to invite you all to the GP Trial for GP Strasbourgh in Berne! Beside of the three byes for the winner, we also have great single card prices for the top 10 players!

The prizes are given out before the cut to the Top8 and are awarded based on Swiss standing:

  1. Tundra, white-bordered, german
  2. Scrubland, white-bordered, german
  3. Wasteland or Dark Confidant
  4. Wasteland or Dark Confidant
  5. Snapcaster Mage
  6. Snapcaster Mage
  7. Any Shockland
  8. Any Shockland
  9. Any Shockland
  10. Any Shockland

This assumes at least 20 players. The prize pool scales according to the attendance.

We will most probably play 5 rounds of Swiss and then a cut to Top8.

This a tournament of the alea iacta est eternal league. For more information visit


Bookings are closed for this event.