Users on Swiss MTG

In the last couple of hours I did some updates on the Swiss MTG page. Small glitches were fixed and some previous features improved. I’d like to mention the following:

  • We improved the integration of the message board to our posts. A post on our blog should now always create a thread on the board and instead of answering in comments on the blog, you’ll have the chance to answer directly on the board.
  • We changed user management for the booking system. There was a lot of confusion and troubles with the previous ones. Basically a lot of people didn’t realize that when they made their first booking, they also got registered on the blog. We removed that feature. Instead you now have to create a user manually.

Was does that mean?

So especially the second point has some consequences for all users: We deleted all previous users as they had cryptic users names anyway and have a clean database now. If you now want to register for an event (“make a booking”), you have to be logged in first. The links should be more visible now. You can also chose your own user name and email address. Once done, you can always use the existing account.

Does that mean existing bookings are lost?

In theory: Yes , they are. In practice we waited after the last PTQ was over and actually there wasn’t one single booking registered when we reset the database. But if you’re missing something, just tell me and I’ll look into it.

Does that interfere in anyway with the forum log in?

No, these log ins are independent from each other.

Was does this mean for organizers?

The organizer accounts weren’t touched in this process. Everything should work as before.

As usual: If there are any troubles, bugs, things that don’t work as they’re supposed to, please just tell me via personal message, post in the forum or an email to