And then there was only one….

The Bad News

I’m really sad to announce today that there will be only one slot for the first Pro Tour of the 2013 season. The PTQ is for the 25th of november and will be Sealed Return to Ravnica in Bern.

The Reason Why

Until 2011, the allocation of the PTQs were static and never changed. Switzerland had 3 slots, Germany and France had 9 and that was the way it had been for quite a while. In 2011, WotC decided to re-allocate the PTQs to reflect the changes in the magic community for the 2012 season onwards. It was still static in the sense that it was decided at the beginning of the Year and was set forever… or so we thought. This year, WotC implemented a new system where the number of slots per country is allocated using a  combination of metrics:

  • Numbers of total WPN locations
  • Numbers of Advanced WPN locations
  • Cumulated numbers of players at events

Using these metrics as a baseline, we were awarded 1 slot for the next PTQ.

What can we do about it

Does this mean we will only have 3 PTQs this year? No! The allocation is now very dynamic and will be evaluated for each Pro Tour. Getting back 1 slot or even 2 is a real possibility but will need the effort of the whole country to do it!

So, instead of crying about the unfairness of the thing (and believe me, I am as sad as you are!), let’s get our slots back!!

Here is what you can do:

  • Ask your local store to sanction more tournament, even casual drafts on Saturday counts!
  • If you have a playgroup drafting at a restaurant or another public place, ask a store to sanction them. The store won’t have to do anything but enter the results and you will get planeswalker points (might come in handy when WMCQ season comes).
  • Ask your local store to see how to get the Advanced level (beside more tournaments)
  • Go to sanctioned tournaments! There are a few FNMs (both limited and constructed) in Switzerland and I’m sure there can be even more if you go play in them!

I will keep you informed if there are any changes. Let’s hope we get at least a second slot for next season… I’m counting on you all!