National Team 2nd Edition

Again, It took us longer than we’d like to report about the second WMCQ in Switzerland but here is the deck lists, and a small recap about the tournament!

It was a very sunny and long week end which I’m pretty sure is the main reason why only 53 players showed up for the main event. We still had to play six rounds of Swiss and then a cut to Top 8 thought. Though competition as most probably already a score of X-2 meant you were out!

And that’s what the Bracket looked like:

Hahn, Fabian Hahn, Fabian Wellinger, Serafin Duport, Oliver
Barbou Leonard
Sele, Yves Wellinger, Serafin
Wellinger, Serafin
Spicher, Sebastian Duport, Oliver Duport, Oliver
Duport, Oliver
Meier Gabriel Meier Gabriel
Peter, Michael

Oliver Duport gets the second place in the Swiss team for the World Magic Cup at GenCon!Yann Blumer wins the first WMCQ in Switzerland! He seems to be quite happy about it – who wouldn’t?

We also have all the Top 8 Decklists for you in this forum thread. If you have any feedback, questions, remarks and critics, feel free to share it there as well!.