Organize events – keep control

With the new page also comes an event management tool. Why do we offer it and don’t simply use the one provided by While the idea is great (which is why we want to do something similar), there are too many limitations to the current implementation and we decided to use a different tool for our own events and to share it with any organizer who would also like to use it. First of all Number Search , check out the new section under “Events“.

Here are the cool features that will make your life easier:

Tournament Organizer (TO)

  • You are now able to edit any information you see after you have submitted your event
  • Add different prices for different type of players (e.g. club members)
  • See how many player are registered


  • Automatic creation of an account to book a tournament
  • You are able to see your registration (no more registering twice because you didn’t remember you had already done it!)
  • Manage previous registrations
  • Cancelling your registration

What does that mean for you? Well, if you are organizing events, then you should contact us and tell us your preferred user name and we will create an account for you with sufficient rights to create new events with the corresponding location.

Sounds quite awesome so far, right. What if we told you that everything you’ve just heard is completely free of charge and without any nasty pop-ups or commercial newsletter!

If you find any nasty bugs, have any questions or just want to tell us, that this sucks/is a great feature (we appreciate the latter far more than the former), feel free to contact us, submit a reply or leave a comment in the forum.