PTQ Report: Avacyn Restored in Bern

Hi all,

The first Pro Tour Qualifier Avacyn Restored was in Bern and was a definite success! 73 players found their way to play some Magic, earn a few planeswalker points and bash it out for the slot to go to Barcelona. The format of the tournament was Modern and made it a challenge for players and judges alike as the format allows a whole slew of different decks and strategies.

Here a few impressions of the tournament:

After 7 rounds of swiss, we finally had the final standings and could start the top8….

Standings for 9th to 16th:

  • 09 Nötzli , Matthias 15p
  • 10 Marti, Samuel 15p
  • 11 Spicher, Sebastian 15p
  • 12 Schori, Michael 15p
  • 13 Perbet, Guillaume 14p
  • 14 Pfaffhauser, Marcel 13p
  • 15 Nicolella, Valeriano 13p
  • 16 Micheletti, Natan 13p

The pairings for the quater-finals:

  • David Progin – Yann Blumer: 2-1
  • Thomas Riedo – Yves Sele: 2-1
  • Pascal Reymond – Reto Sauder: 2-1
  • Sascha Lüscher – Luca Rozza: 2-0

The pairings for the semi-finals:

  • David Progin – Sascha Lüscher: 1-2
  • Thomas Riedo – Pascal Reymond: 2-1

And finally the pairings:

  • Thomas Riedo – Sascha Lüscher: 2-1

Congratulations to Thomas Riedo for winning the slot to Barcelona! We wish you luck and hope you have fun!

Did you like the tournament? What about Modern? Do you have comments about the PTQ you would like to share? Post them in this forum thread! The Top8 decklist will soon be posted there as well….


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