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Hi everybody and welcome to the new home of a large part of the Swiss Magic: The Gathering community. Originally initiated from a local store in Bern we want to gather as many people playing our beloved game all around Switzerland. This page is the starting point for that.

Of course large part of the community stuff still happens over at the board which we’ll move to the new servers very soon. But this page here helps us to keep some static information as well and more important have a better place to announce things like new sets, events and other interesting stuff in the world of Magic.

Last but not least we also want to try to organize the Swiss Magic Judge community a bit better with this new page. So if you’re a judge or you’re interested in judging, stay tuned for further details!

I hope you enjoy our new home and we’ll keep you posted for any interesting new things. If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to let us know your opinion! Contact us via email Number Search , submit a comment or address one of the administrators on the board.

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  1. Just to make this here complete: Although we had our shaking moments, we were able to move all the content to our new servers and the board is up and running again. If you encounter any troubles please let us know.

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