Swiss Eternal King 2013: Commander 1vs1

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11:00 - 17:00


Le Spécialiste

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Tournament Organizer

Phone: 026 321 47 43

This Summer in Fribourg three tournaments will be organised. Those tournaments are all eternal formats: Modern, Legacy and Commander 1vs1. In each tournament, players can earn points and, at the end of the third tournament, the player with the most points will win a cup and will be honored with the title of Swiss Eternal King 2013.

Prices for this tournament are single cards which are playable in the Commander format.

Prices for the 3 top player of the Eternal King tournaments are:

Lion’s Eye Diamond

Force of Will

Dark Confidant


Prices for this tournament are:



Umezawa’s Jitte

Stomping Ground


Entry fees 15.- CHF


Current Standings of the Eternal King:

22 points: Maximilian Bremner

19 points: Simon Eggenschwiler

18 points: Etienne Eggenschwiler, Kevin Klein, Marc Ivernizzi

15 points: Thomas Willemin, Hugo Moreira, Damien Filiatre, Julien Ducommun, David Ferreira, Alex

12 points: Daoud Rhib, Josselin Held, Grégoire Vienne, Pascal Richter

9 points: Morgane Cottin, Thierry Magne

6 points: Almerinde Cardoso, Flavien Garin, Blaise Meyer, Thomas Huguenin, Stéphane Baeriswyl, Michel Corpataux, Bernard Deglon,

3 points: Diep Alexandre


Bookings are closed for this event.