alea iacta est Legacy Side Event

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13:00 - 20:00


SAC Bern

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Tournament Organizer

Joel Krebs
Phone: +41 79 426 66 28

A weekend full of Magic Action is upcoming with the next WMCQ in Berne on Sunday, May 27. But the Saturday before also has something to offer: A Legacy Tournament with awesome prize support!

Prize pool for 16 players:

  1. 2x [mtg_card]Force of Will[/mtg_card] played
  2. [mtg_card]Tundra [/mtg_card] Revised
  3. [mtg_card]Mana Drain[/mtg_card] italienisch
  4. [mtg_card]Karakas [/mtg_card] italienisch

If we have at least 32 players, then we give out even more goodies!

  1. 2x [mtg_card]Tropical Island[/mtg_card]
  2. 2x [mtg_card]Force of Will[/mtg_card] played
  3. [mtg_card]Tundra[/mtg_card] Revised
  4. [mtg_card]Mana Drain[/mtg_card] italienisch
  5. [mtg_card]Karakas[/mtg_card] italienisch
  6. [mtg_card]Misty Rainforest[/mtg_card] Foil
  7. 2x [mtg_card]Windswept Heath[/mtg_card] (1 dt)
  8. [mtg_card]Ichorid[/mtg_card] Foil chinesisch

Three quarters of the income of the entry fee go into the prize pool!

The prizes are sponsored by the Swiss Card Trader Marcel Stocker which will be therefore on site all day long as well.

The event will start at 1 pm, but the venue is open with the start of the first Game Day (10 am). Then we will play 4-6 rounds of Swiss, depending on the players number.


Bookings are closed for this event.