alea iacta est Highlander

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18:00 - 22:00


Bistrot Morillon

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Tournament Organizer

Joel Krebs
Phone: +41 79 426 66 28

This is the last tournament of the year organized by alea iacta est and it is a special one indeed! We will play Highlander!

The detailed rules and banned list can be found here:

In short the following rules apply:

  • You build a minimum 100 card deck, each card except basic lands is only permitted once in your deck. Watch out for the banned list!
  • There is no sideboard.
  • A match consists of a series of games until one player has won two games.
  • The round limit is 60 minutes.
  • There is a special mulligan rule. See the above link for the details.

The entry fee is as usual 10 CHF.

Please note that the starting time for this event is 6 pm instead of 6.30 as usually. This is due to the longer round time!